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*LYLI LIT and LYLI are used interchangeably to refer to LYLI LIT, INC. its officers, directors, staff or volunteers.

In attending our facility as well as purchasing our services, you hereby agree to our policies.

Waiver of Indemnity

Under no circumstances, shall LYLI LIT, INC., nor any of its officers, directors, employees and volunteers be held liable for anything arising out of purchases of our programs, services, attendance at our facility or events, or any affiliation with LYLI LIT whatsoever. You hereby fully indemnify LYLI LIT from and against all liabilities, costs, damages and causes of action. If emergency situations arise, parents/guardians or emergency contacts will be contacted. In registering your child for our programs, you agree that medical care-for which you must cover the cost- may be administered in such cases.


Students must attend an interview before enrolling in our classes. Registration is complete once we have received payment in full. When space is not available, we will notify you and add your child to our waiting list upon your request. Transfers are permitted prior to the 3rd class for students who meet the if space is available. Enrolment will be suspended for outstanding payments and NSF cheques.

When re-registering for new courses, parents/guardians should update LYLI on all pertinent details concerning their child. LYLI should be notified about any information that has changed and any new information that may impact the success and overall well-being of your child.


Payment may be made by cheque, debit or credit card (Visa and Master Card). Cheques are to be made payable to LYLI LIT, INC.

Fees & Refund Policy

Late starts- when approved-will be prorated. Notice of cancellation must be emailed to: [email protected] or presented in writing in person. A refund will be issued in the event we cancel a program due to an insufficient number of registrants. Please allow up to two weeks for refunds to be processed. There is no refund for cancellation of courses or programs due to circumstances beyond our control such as, but not limited to, inclement whether. LYLI LIT does, however, provide a refund for cancellations prior to the second class minus the difference of the first class. There is no refund if students exit a program after the second class even if any previous class was not attended. There is a charge of $30 for NSF cheques.

One discount coupon or offer can be used at a time toward payment of a service until offer expires and based on applicable terms and conditions. Discount coupons or offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions offered by LYLI.  Our rates may be subject to change.

Workshops, March Break & Summer Camp

Full payment is due at time of registration. LYLI LIT provides a full refund if cancellation of registration for these programs is received in writing 2 weeks prior to start dates. You may provide us with a request to withdraw notice in person or email cancellation to: [email protected] There are no make-up sessions for these services, and we do not provide refunds or credit notes within two weeks of start dates.

Drop-off & Pick-up

Students may arrive 15 minutes before the start of their class and are asked to wait quietly while other classes are in session. Please inform us when you are late picking up your child. A fee of $1.00 per minute is charged for pick-ups that exceed 20 minutes after class ends. Students who do not have parental permission to leave our facility on their own will only be released to the persons listed on the registration form. If you have provided us with the name of other persons authorized to pick up your child, LYLI may request identification from the former.

Attendance & Preparation

Attendance is essential for optimal achievement. Every effort is made to keep classes moving forward and ensure student success; however, LYLI is not responsible for diminished achievement or class time due to late arrivals or absences. Students are to attend lessons with notebook, binder/folder and writing materials as well as materials given in previous lessons. We reserve the right to reschedule a lesson if students arrive unprepared to move forward. In this case, the rescheduled lesson will count towards one of the make-ups lessons allowed based on the type of package purchased.

Absences & Late Arrivals

Parents/Guardians are to inform us of absences or late arrivals by either phoning, emailing or sending us a message on WeChat. Students may pick up handouts when they return and are given a variety of ways to review, practice and advance their language skills. If absent from a group program, students may make up a class by attending another section of the same program that we may run at a different time at no additional cost if space is available. Except in rare cases and with LYLI’s approval, make-up time cannot be granted if students arrive late.

Make-up classes are not offered once a course has ended. We provide high quality classes with a maximum of 8 students in each. If you think your child might still require additional support, we recommend that you choose a package of DPI (Discount Private Instruction) lessons which will provide the one-on-one attention you seek. With respect to our private instruction or customized semi-private instruction services, we will gladly re-book lessons within a term–subject to availability and holiday closures– provided we receive 24 hours advance notice. Without such notice, the lesson will be forfeited. A request to make up a session due to absence from a semi-private program requires rescheduling for all parties.

Students who have not made up classes missed during the term are granted two weeks after the term has ended to complete classes -subject to availability-provided a medical note from a doctor is presented. We cannot guarantee that the make-up class can be given at the original day and time chosen. Up to three make-up classes are permitted for our 12-pack private instruction package. Two make-up classes are permitted for our 8-pack private instruction package.


A relevant piece of recently assessed writing in-English and/or French-from the student’s school is required upon registration to ensure effective program planning. Parents should also inform LYLI LIT of any significant changes in their child’s performance at school as well as provide any essential information that can help us to meet your child’s needs and goals.

Students enrolled in a semi-private or group class must have a google account for collaborative work using google docs. Parents/guardians should monitor the use of the google account to ensure it is used for educational purposes based on our program objectives and tasks assigned.

LYLI LIT believes that education is a partnership between you, your child and us. Your child’s ongoing cooperation and effort are necessary to achieve success. For this reason, parents must also remind students to complete assigned activities after each lesson. Students are also encouraged to ask questions during the lesson and to make sure they understand the practice activities to be completed before they leave the class. 

Should you desire to speak with us directly regarding your child’s progress, please make an appointment in advance. Communication with you is important to us, and we will contact you if concerns arise. We also expect Parent/Guardians to follow up on their child's progress and inform us of new information that can help us meet the needs of your child when planning lessons.

Students are advised to use the washroom before class begins so that they gain the very most from the learning time.

An i-PAC (Individualized Performance & Assessment Card) which LYLI LIT has created for students using our C.A.F.É.S. assessment criteria, can also be provided -if deemed necessary- for an additional fee.

Language Learning

LYLI LIT strives to strengthen all language capacities (listening, speaking, reading and writing)  to maximize learning and proficiency. Students are taught that the 4 linguistic competencies strengthen one another. To this end, we place special emphasis on listening and speaking. We believe students need to be immersed in the sounds of the language and exposed to a variety of mediums such as music, audio, audio-visual materials that increase their range of vocabulary within diverse contexts in order to expand their power of expression and  understanding. The content of all mediums used is broken down into manageable parts as we check for understanding and slow down audio, when necessary, for maximum absorption. In addition to the writing practices assigned, students are encouraged to practice along with the audio samples we may record and to listen to the various speakers or singers in the videos we present from online sources such as-but not limited to- youtube.com while following  lyrics and text and reviewing vocabulary. Students should strive to spend 5-10 minutes a day listening to the target language and make efforts to use new vocabulary and expressions every time they write. LYLI LIT teaches students how to learn to help them become independent learners. 

LYLI LIT does not encourage the use of inappropriate language.

Use of Technology

Cell phones are to be put on silent when members of the community enter our facility. Anyone who wishes to photograph or record/video record our facility and any persons within our space require the  written permission of  LYLI LIT authorized senior staff. Outside of the technology that LYLI provides, the use of electronic devices is not allowed. Authorized senior staff may, when deemed appropriate, make exceptions to this policy

Quality Instruction & Safety

Modifications to course objectives and content can be made to meet students’ needs.

LYLI LIT promotes a team teaching approach to enhance support and may change teachers as needed. LYLI aims to provide quality instruction and training in a respectful and safe environment. LYLI LIT provides community service opportunities and training to students who can be identified by the volunteer tag they are to wear on our premises. Other than water, food and drinks are not permitted in our classes. When LYLI makes exceptions to this policy, we expect our students to help keep our facility clean by placing all bottles and food scraps in the garbage.

All persons visiting or attending our facility are responsible for their personal belongings.

Program Expiration Dates

DPI and CSI packages are to be completed by the end of each term for which they were purchased.

The completion date for the VPI (Value Private Instruction) package is July 31, 2018. *VPI is only offered to selected students who are currently enrolled in one of LYLI’s programs. Students who qualify for this package benefit from its flexibility and discounted rate.

End dates for our group classes are based on the dates scheduled in advance for each term.

Summer packages purchased must be completed by August 31, 2018-subject to availability and holiday closures.

Intellectual Property

Content, materials and lessons created by LYLI should be cited in students’ work when any of the former is used. Students should also acknowledge this verbally when resorting to our lessons in oral presentations. Example, “The following information is based on the course NSF (No Summer School French) by LYLI LIT.”  Such materials remain the property of LYLI LIT and cannot be distributed for any financial gain.

Legal Disclaimer

LYLI LIT is dedicated to helping students achieve success in keeping with our core values and vision.  Any person attending our facility with the purpose to duplicate or imitate our image, style, and branding or misrepresent our staff and subvert our purpose locally or globally will be denied access to our facility in addition to inviting cause for legal action.

Pictures and videos/recordings  may neither be taken within our institute nor posted anywhere without permission in writing from  authorized chief staff of LYLI LIT.

LYLI LIT reserves the right to suspend or terminate enrolment without refund in any case where our policies are not adhered to or potential threat of any form is posed.

We do not share the personal information you provide when you register with LYLI LIT with other parties unless legal authorities require us to do so.

Our policies may be subject to change.                                  

To review our TERMS OF USE, click here.

" This is the  real deal."

  - Dr. Gloria Chudnow, Parent

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