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1. My child is in Grade 9. Can he sign up for the Pre-IB class which indicates it is designed for students in Grades 6-8 who are primarily preparing to write the Pre-IB entrance test for High School?

MTC provides reinforcement of essential vocabulary and concepts. Depending on your child's goals, needs and  level of French, he may enroll in MTC. He will definitely gain from this course if he is struggling to keep up with the Grade 9 Core French, the Extended French or the Grade 9 Pre-IB program.   NSF may also be a better option given that it focuses on the learning outcomes of the Grade 9 Core French curriculum.  However, your child still needs to attend an interview.  We may approve the MTC selection or make other recommendations based on our assessment.

*Exclusion: Students in the French Immersion Program.

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2. Are materials provided? What does my child need to bring?

Course materials are provided.  Your child should bring a binder and paper as well as a pen/pencil and if possible, a highlighter! Organization for success is stressed in our courses as a life skill.

3. My child missed the start date of a course. Can he still sign up?  

Late registration is possible if  students possess  a level of English or French that will allow them to move forward with the rest of the class relatively easily. Our aim is to set students up for success. Please note, that late registration is subject to availability and approval.  If approved, late starts will be prorated.

4.  Is there parking?


5. Do you offer high school credits?

Not at this time. Students who complete all 3 parts of our MTC/Pre-IB Course receive a Certificate of Completion.  We offer high quality non-credit courses to lead students to bilingualism as well as help struggling students improve in French.

6. Do you offer a discount if I enrol two of my children in your courses?

We offer a $30.00 discount off the course fee or private instruction package for your second child provided that both children are enrolling within the same season. We also offer a $30.00 discount to any student who registers for two courses or a course plus a private instruction package during the same season.

7.  Is my child given homework?

*LAPs are necessary in all programs. Follow-up strategies and drills along with activities are given to reinforce learning.  Students should invest time to review and practice what was taught. We also provide additional resources and demonstrate to students how to use these to strengthen their language skills especially speaking.

8. Do I, the parent/guardian, need to know English or French for my child to achieve greater levels of proficiency?

Absolutely not. You can find ways to encourage your child’s learning by asking him or her to share new learning with you and praising efforts to succeed. Ensuring students complete the *LAPs we assign is also essential especially with respect to oral communication activities. These will prepare students for **RAP. Do your best; LYLI will do the rest!


*LAP's = Language Activities and Practice 

**RAP= Rehearsal and Performance (of the culminating task.)

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